Take one tarp…make 66 shelters

Tarp and VW CampervanWe love a space-age tent, a bit of glamping canvas or an all-mod-cons campervan, but we like simplicity too. Thanks to fat dragon for this lovely guide to making shelters. We’ve found a good selection of tarps for your tarpaulin origami practice on Amazon, but you’ll find them in most camping and outdoor shops too.

Have a look at our feature on bivvy camping – for which, a tarp is a VERY good idea. You can also see some more ‘constructed’ tent-like things in our feature on multipurpose shelters. Lots to read, eh!

Tarp shelters

And here are a few tarps in real-life use!

thumb_IMG_3042_1024 thumb_IMG_3056_1024 Smart tarpthumb_IMG_2967_1024
Tarp and VW Campervan

Don’t forget these amazingly useful tarp clips and bungees…they give you the options to tie up in all sorts of ways.

Looprope is an ingenious system made up of looped, elasticated cord with carabiners. Use them to tie down loads, like this bike. Versatile and strong too.

One Looprope is a clever way to hang bits of kit when camping or hiking. The 5′ length is around £15. They come in lots of lengths.

Ball bungee clips tarp ties Campfire Magazine

These bits and pieces will cost you under a tenner and will change your (camping) life! Use the bungee cords to secure tarps, awnings, bits of flapping tent or for 101 other uses. The green clips fasten on to canvas taps, tents and so on without damaging the fabric and give you more options for securing. We’ve used a combination to make sun shelters, to keep the rain off, to create a market stall backdrop, to cover stuff in a trailer…..and more.



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