What is a Seasonal Touring Pitch?

If you're new to camping, you've definitely overheard other caravanners discussing seasonal touring pitches. Some individuals adore them, while others are less enthusiastic. What, however, is a seasonal touring caravan pitch? 

Is it anything you should think about? We'll do our best to respond to your questions here! Seasonal touring pitches are a practical and cost-effective way to enjoy your caravan without the hassle (or stress) of hitching and towing, unpacking and repacking, or scrambling to make a last-minute reservation.

What are Seasonal Touring Pitches?

Seasonal touring pitches allow you to take advantage of all the features of your caravan while reducing the amount of towing required. 

They are reserved spaces in a caravan park where you can leave your caravan for several months. They provide you with a permanent space on a preferred site, allowing you to drive directly to your seasonal caravan plot.

Why Should You Consider A Touring Pitch?

Regulars who use seasonal caravan spots say it saves them the trouble of having to tow through Friday evening traffic and set up. It means they don't have to leave their pitch in the middle of the day on Sunday and deal with the hassle of transporting and storing the caravan.

It's also a lot less expensive than buying a fixed caravan because it allows you to move around as you like. Another viewpoint is that seasonal trailers on a site occupy several of the available pitches, frequently the nicest and hardest-standing ones.

Having other trailers surrounding them that are unoccupied and closed up can be rather off-putting to some caravanners.

Pros of A Seasonal Touring Pitch


Towing, packing, and struggling with your awning will become a thing of the past! Once you've arrived on your seasonal pitch, you've completed all of your hard work for the season.


Forget about arranging last-minute reservations or paying exorbitant prices during school vacation. You can visit your caravan whenever you want once you become a seasonal tourer. 

Just get in your car and drive if you get an unexpected sunny spell!


Seasonal tourers pay a set charge - come and go as you choose; the rate will not vary! 

Depending on how often you use your caravan, you might save up to 50% on nightly fees during the season. Even when the parks are closed, the pitch prices include storage.

Community Spirit

Seasonal pitches tend to attract like-minded people, and many seasonal tourers return year after year, so there's always a friendly face to ask for assistance or recommendations on where to go.

When you book a seasonal pitch, you'll only have to haul your caravan at the beginning and end of the season, allowing you to visit as frequently as you like without having to tow and pitch every time.

You may easily access your caravan whenever the mood strikes by packing light, jumping in the car, or even taking public transportation—less time spent setting up means more time spent making unforgettable holiday memories!

Cons of A Seasonal Touring Pitch

Lose the Variety 

For many people, one of the most appealing aspects of having a caravan is the opportunity to travel around the country and beyond.

Seasonal Pitch Position 

Seasonal pitches aren't necessarily in the finest spots on a facility.

Vacant Caravans

You may discover that the caravans next to you are empty and closed up, robbing you of some of the social benefits of being on-site.

What is A Fully Serviced Pitch?

What does it mean to have a pitch that is fully serviced? Electricity, freshwater, and wastewater (greywater) connections should all be accessible on a fully serviced pitch. 

A direct mains water connection to your caravan/motorhome or an Aquaroll mains water adapter kit/float valve are both necessary.

Typical Pitch Prices

Seasonal caravan pitch prices vary greatly from one site to the next. The more popular the location in which the site is located, the higher the fee will be. Fees of roughly £2,000 per year should be estimated on average. 

If site rates were £20 per night, you'd have to stay at your seasonal plot for 100 nights to recoup your costs. It's also worth considering the lower costs of not having to tow your caravan as often, as well as the obvious advantages of less time spent setting up and packing away.

How are Prices Calculated?

The cost of the site is one of the essential elements for most people. Therefore, it is critical to compare rates to locate a site that provides the services you require at the lowest possible cost. 

The cost of your stay will be calculated based on the nightly price, with some sites also charging for each person in your group. There are other sites that demand additional fees for things like bringing a second car, setting up an awning or gazebo, bringing a dog, or erecting a small tent.

For pitches with an electric hook-up, the price normally includes electricity, delivered via a 230V supply. Some parks, however, provide an electric hook-up via a metered connection, so keep an eye on it.

The majority of sites will charge seasonal fees based on low, mid, and high-season rates. Because demand is low throughout these months, October, November, December, January, February, and March are classified as low season. During certain months, however, holiday periods such as Christmas and school holidays will be charged at mid or high-season rates.


How Can I Keep My Motorhome Safe When it's Parked?

You should take the same precautions with your seasonal site security as you would with your caravan parked at home. 

Ensure that the hitch-lock and wheel locks are properly secured. Double-check that your alarm is turned on when you leave the caravan empty to avoid invalidating your insurance.

What Do You Do with Your Battery, Gas, and Electric Hook-up When Your Caravan is Empty?

Disconnect the electricity when you're not on-site, usually by unplugging it from the electrical box and storing it safely under the caravan in a plastic bag. 

Turn the gas off. It's fine to leave your batteries connected if you're visiting your caravan on a frequent basis, but turn off all the switches on your control panel.

When I'm Not Around, What Should I Do With My Onboard Water Tank?

During the months when frost is probable, it's always a good idea to drain your onboard water tank. Remember that if a site is in a rural area, the risk of frost is larger and can last longer than in a city.

Can I Use It At Storage?

Seasonal touring pitches are provided by many sites with caravan storage, allowing you to keep your caravan while still making use of the perks of a seasonal plot. 

Some states may require you to store your caravan throughout the winter, while others may allow you to keep it in your current location.

What About Servicing?

There are mobile independent caravan servicers who will come to your location and perform a complete caravan service for you at a reasonable price. 

To avoid voiding the guarantee, many dealerships prefer the caravan you purchased to be returned to them for service.

It is not necessary to return it to the dealer, but you should do so. Most dealers schedule their van's annual service the week it returns from the job site at the end of the season, so they can get it done fast, wash it, and get it ready for the winter.

Bottom Line

Seasonal touring pitches are a practical and cost-effective way to enjoy your caravan without the hassle (or stress) of hitching and towing, unpacking and repacking, or scrambling to make a last-minute reservation.