9 Best Camping Dates Ideas – Impressing that special someone

The stars are shining, the moon is bright, your date is staring lovingly at you– now what? 

While it may sound ideal to stare lovingly into each other’s eyes the entire duration of your date, the truth is you’re both going to want to do something else as a couple. Whether that’s an exciting activity or snuggling in your tent, there are a million amazing things you can do to make this date memorable!

Here are the top 10 ideas for camping dates! Enjoy!

Cook al Fresco

Camping is synonymous with picnics. And sure it’s lovely to pack some precooked meals that have been previously prepared at home. Maybe some cheeses, fruits, sandwiches, and boxed wines. Anything that is easily eaten or can be reheated at camp. 

Chances are you want to make the most romantic, and you’re not really sure if pre-cooked meals are uninspired or not, you’ve got two options ahead of you. You can swing by your favorite restaurant on your way to camp– or you can make an activity out of it and make a full meal in the outdoors. Check out our best camping stoves should you need to invest.

Cooking “alfresco” is a lot easier than people make it out to be– and your date will be beyond impressed. You can make curryskillet pizzapad thai— your cooking ability is your limit! Just be sure that you pack all the ingredients, spices, and utensils needed. And make it an experience out of it. Pop open a bottle of wine, have something to snack on while the food cooks, maybe put on some music, and enjoy delicious, hot food.

Indulge in Some Fondue

Now, we’re moving into the territory of moving on from a nice meal to when-is-the-next-date-going-to-be kind of idea!

Our next idea of a romantic camping date is dessert-related. After that amazing meal you just devoured, don’t stop while you’re ahead. Marshmallows, biscuits, and chocolate are great– so are banana boat chocolate chips boats. But instead of roasting them over sticks over the fire, be indulgent and have fondue.

You can bring one of those easily packed fondue fountains or even just a camping friendly fondue pot. A crockpot will do, as well as a sauce pot with a thick bottom or a double boiler. What’s great about fondue is that it’s one of those hands-on meals that ensure a romantic ambiance. You can even feed each other the chocolate or cheese dipped food items. There’s no way either of you won’t feel spoiled.

We’ve used the XL LotusGrill. It’s actually designed for up to 10 people, apparently (dependant on appetite!) but who knows how often you will use it. Lots of ways to cook, including a pizza stone and teppanyaki platedomed grill hood and a glass lid (both with built-in thermometers). Plus, a fondue set, tongs and a cover for the XXL.

Take a Romantic Hike

Ah, hiking. The camping staple. You know what they say, “A couple who sweats together, stays together.” 

Yes, that is an actual quote backed by science! Research has found that couples who engage in workouts and activities together report increased feelings of their relationship satisfaction and end up feeling even more in love with their partner.

So while you’re on this camping date, hiking is a must-do activity. Unless both of you are avid hikers– and even then– it’s best to select a milk hiking trail with little elevation so that you’ll be able to comfortably hold hands at a strolling pace.  Make sure you bring the right footwear, there’s nothing worse than putting on your best shoes through muddy terrain and take snacks if you get caught short.

Take your romance to another level by bringing something sentimental to both of you. It can be old photos, love letters, poems, or anything. And enjoy them together.

Silence isn’t something to be feared, and you can also ask them questions about themselves.

Another thing that you must keep in mind– and this will dramatically affect your hike– is to choose the perfect time during the day. Any time is wonderful, but if you really want this date to be something your partner swoons over for years to come, pick either the early morning or the early evening. 

The sunrise or the sunset is simply magical. And hiking guarantees an unobstructed and unparalleled view of the majestic sun. Be still my beating heart.

The Answer is in the Stars

The marshmallows are consumed. Hands have been held. Your eyes have gazed upon their eyes. This moment feels eternal. Now…look up at the stars. Gazing at the stars with a date is magical. We actually made an entire article about Stargazing tents

Find, trace, and point out shapes in the clouds during the day if you prefer. But the nighttime is when the real magic happens. And you can go the extra mile and grab an astronomy guide so that you can confidently point at the stars and constellations as you snuggle beneath the soothing night sky. Try a Snugpak Jungle Blanket for wrapping around you and your friend so you can sit under the stars for longer. 

If lying on a blanket as you do this isn’t your thing, then investing in a hammock you can hang up is an excellent alternative. You can’t go wrong with a Ticket to the Moon hammock. Our guide to the best dark sky stargazing campsites is here too, should you need it.

Spice Up Your Tent

Alright, now we have reached that stage when you have to retire to your tent, but the romantic ambiance doesn’t have to end there.

What makes a romantic camping date even more romantic is setting up string lights. You can put them on the inside of your tent for some intimate lighting. And you can also thread them around the branches around you.  

We wrote a whole guide to best camping string lights to help. You’ll find that most string lights are powered by batteries or are solar-powered and they ensure a magical atmosphere. Make sure to bring extra batteries. The String is such a neat set of fairylights. 10 pairs of LEDs on an 18′ string that all packs away into a tiny cylinder. Up to 20 hours on a full charge

This little beauty by Lixada folds flat and can burn twigs, leaves, solid fuel blocks, spirit or charcoal. You can even buy a teeny gas burner to fit inside. It’s made of stainless steel and weighs just over 200g. 

Next, gather up all your coziest blankets (we love Voited ones as enviromentally friendly and very cool), the plush-iest of your pillows (mini memory-foam travel pillows are great too), and if you don’t mind having some technology along, Netflix is a great camping partner as you snuggle up.

Bring a Loveseat Chair Along

Couples go camping already knowing ahead that they want to cuddle. But sitting on the hard ground, even on blankets, isn’t always a comfortable option for a prolonged period of time. 

People often bring with them camp chairs, but it’s kind of hard to squeeze these two camp chairs together to touch. And it’s a struggle to snuggle without feeling like you’re on the verge of tipping over and feeling the chair digging into your back. 

The answer has been there all long. It’s a camp chair, but like, magnified. A double camping chair offers more than enough room for the two of you to curl up, watch the sunset/rise, gaze at the campfire. Get those plush blankets from your tent and put them over your legs. This is the perfect setting to have a drink, talk, cuddle, read up on that star gazing guide, and eat until it’s time to retire to the tent or leave.

Turn That Walk into a Scavenger Hunt

If you’re not the type to cuddle all day and feast on snacks, and you have exhausted all the feasible hiking trails, a calming walk will do the trick. Take time to enjoy your surroundings, the person you’re with, laugh and joke around, and if you want to kick it up a notch, suggest a scavenger hunt. 

It can be searching for things you have hidden before in preparation, or you can just create a list of things easily found and go seek them together! A Brilliant and HUGE range of notebooks anjournals that you can write on even when they’re wet

Go Kayaking

Next up is going kayaking or canoeing with your date. You can rent the gear and just spend a few hours leisurely paddling around or floating on a river.

But kayaking doesn’t have to be just that. You can bring your own romantic ambiance to the boat by preparing water lilies. Handing your date a bouquet may be a lovely gesture at the start of the date, and if you’re thinking of handing your date an entire bouquet of flowers– this may be too much on that tiny raft. A sit on top (SOT) kayak is my choice. There are smaller types, they’re light and the better ones are useable on calm seas, lakes and reasonable rivers. To help in further we wrote an article about best kayaks for camping.

But water lilies on the other hand? This is what they call a pro-romantic-camping-date move.

So bring water lilies, set them on the water, and watch them float out. 

Dance Under the Stars

Dancing under the stars, flowers in her hair, the weather is just right, and the music feels more meaningful. 

Before the date, create your own ambiance for the day by creating a playlist of songs that you like to listen to. They can be romantic– have at least a few slow-dance songs– and choose songs that are sentimental to the two of you.

You can bring a classic radio for a “retro” vibe, keeping up with that camping aesthetic, you can just blare it from your phone or bring a waterproof speak like the Wonderbooms 2, which are  marvellous. Rugged and waterproof (even floats), connect two for a true stereo sound. Either way, take each other’s hands, dance like no one’s watching, and believe that you two are the only people in the world.

Plus 1 bonus idea, that I couldn’t not include…..

A Morning Date

 We saved the best for last! It’s morning. The birds are chirping. The sun is bright but not glaring. And the two of you are all mellowed out and content with the amazing date night you just had. 

Don’t just pack up and leave right away. The morning is just as romantic if you do it right. You can start off by leaving your partners some flowers or roses. It’s extra fun if you picked them on your hike the previous night. 

Scrambled eggs are easy and quick to make without a fuss and a cup of coffee or tea– even if it’s in a thermos– will spoil your date. Make them best cup of camping coffee they’ve ever had. Honestly. Wacaco – a portable, hand-powered espresso maker that gets to the same pressure as a barista machine in a café. Double shot version and a pod version (if you must).  Don’t forget to try our one pan camping breakfast

Alter the idea of breakfast in bed and have breakfast either in your tent or outside. Now, what a perfect way to end your romantic date while camping! Pack up, and if everything went well, then you can even suggest getting snacks on the way back!

Date number two has some sky-high expectations to live up to!