Camping gear

The right camping equipment and outdoor gear makes all the difference – whether you’re in a tent, a campervan or a caravan. There’s clever camping gear out there…and some downright daft things to waste your money on.

You’ll find our very favourite items of well-designed equipment at our special best camping kit page.

VDub holiday home sweet home

It’s great to hear how a love of camping or campervans has led someone to change their lives. Pete O’Connor went from restoring VW Beetles to hiring out classic VDub campervans and even made it on to the small screen!

The trouble with glamping

A few weeks ago, a couple of the Campfire crew spent £300 on two nights in a wooden hut with a dodgy shower. It also had stunning views and a roof that opened to reveal a perfectly dark, star-strewn sky. It left them with a conundrum.

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